Monday, March 18, 2013

A Letter To Cassiopeia

Are you a Cassiopeia? Are you still a Cassiopeia even after all the disputes?
You can still call yourself a Cassiopeia if you still support and love both JYJ n HoMin.
You can still call yourself a Cassiopeia if you are not taking side with either of them.
You can still call yourself a Cassiopeia if you are not blaming either HoMin or JYJ.
You can still call yourself a Cassiopeia if you still have faith in them.

You know why?
Because Cassiopeia will never blames any of them.
Cassiopeia will never bash any of them.
Cassiopeia will never call any of them the ‘traitor’ or ‘betrayer’.
Cassiopeia will never boycott any of them.
Cassiopeia will still love 5 of them dearly and will still support them to the fullest.
Because they are still our DBSK even though they are separated into 2 teams right now.
They are still our old Youngwoong Jaejoong, Uknow Yunho, Micky Yoochun, Xiah Junsu, Choikang Changmin.
They are still our Kim Jaejoong, Jung Yunho, Park Yoochun, Kim Junsu, Shim Changmin.

Have you forgotten our Soulfighters?
Have you forgotten our YunJae?
Have you forgotten our Kiss couple?
Have you forgotten our 2U couple?
Have you forgotten our bickering brothers, MinSu?
Have you forgotten our HoSu?

Have you forgotten how much Yunho and Jaejoong, the best friends, love each other?
When Jaejoong injured his leg, Yunho was the one that used to piggyback him. He never complained about that. Jaejoong has to used crutches because of his injuries, at that time, Yunho would always following behind him and would gently place his hand on Jaejoong’s shoulder to prevent him from falling. Also, during their training period, Yunho and Jaejoong always stick together. Going through hardship together.
Jaejoong once stated that when cooking, salt and sunshine are very important, but Yunho is very important to me. During filming CF, Yunho had a backache, so Jaejoong helped him pound his back.  They always taking care of each other whenever one of them is sick. Did you remember that?

Have you forgotten how much Jaejoong and Changmin, the soulfighters or the umma-son, love each other?
When Jaejoong injured his leg, Changmin was the one that always left the stage last because he’s watching over Jaejoong. Have you forgotten the way he looks at Jaejoong whenever he tried to walk with his injured leg? The worries in Changmin’s eyes, have you forgot that?
And when rumors that SM wanted to kick Jaejoong from DBSK and SM forced the other members to keep their mouth shut and never said anything to the press. Have you forgotten how brave Changmin was at that time? Because he is the one that saying out loud to the press that if SME kick Jaejoong out, he will tears off the contract and quit from DBSK too. And he will be back as a n ordinary high school student. That’s show how much he loves Jaejoong.  Have you seriously forgotten about that?
And Jaejoong, he is constantly been hit by Changmin, yet, he never complained. He loves it, he loves been hit by Changmin. They have their own ways to show their affectionate, that is by their ONE TOUCH. Did you remember that?
On 10 September 2005, during a fan meeting, a reporter asked Changmin about the New Year present that he would like to receive next year, he answered that the only present that he really want is Jaejoong hyung's knee can get well soon because Jaejoong was injured at that time. And Jaejoong, who always doesn't like crying especially in front of thousands of fans, but at that very moment, he lowered his head and tried his best not to let his tears run down his cheeks. Did you forget about that?
Jaejoong always feed Changmin to eat and he always cooked for him. Jaejoong always teasing Changmin and even make the latter cried. That’s their way to show their affectionate and their love. Jaejoong’s love for Changmin can be seen every time they are together.
Changmin is a person that never said cheesy words and ‘I love u’ easily especially to guys but he said ‘I love u’ to Jaejoong. Did you forget that too?

Have you forgotten that Junsu will feel lonely if Changmin didn’t tease him even only for a day?
Have you forgotten that Changmin said that he adores Junsu, he can’t live without Junsu?
Have you forgotten that Junsu would always remind Yunho to eat because his stomach is not well?
Have you forgotten that Yunho always said he loves his members so much?

They always said that they are not friends, but they are family. They are bond of brothers.
Yunho the appa, Jaejoong the umma, Yoochun the elder brother, Changmin the youngest brother and Junsu the petdid you forget about that?
Yoochun once stated that Changmin will always be his little brother, no matter what.
Yunho always said that 5 of them will never part.
How can you think that any of them could betray each other? I never believe that. They will not betray their brothers.

I know, now everyone is in mess. We are in doubt, didn’t know who to believe, who to blame just like me. I’ve shed many tears because ofDBSK but I never lose my faith in them. I couldn’t understand why our awesome fandom started to split like this? Why?
Did you think all their loves and cares for each other are fake? Do you really think that? We always proud of ourselves for being aCassiopeia but now, I don’t know if I’m still proud because seeing Cassiopeia bashing and boycotting our own JYJ or HoMin, really make me ashamed for myself. Have you ever think about our 5 stars? Did you think how are they feeling when their beloved Cassiopeiaare losing faith in them?
We didn’t know what exactly is happening right now.  We didn’t have rights to blame either JYJ or HoMin. We didn’t know the truth, for god sake! So, please stop blaming any of our STARS.
I know all of us, Cassiopeia, love our DBSK so much. And we miss them so much. In this critical situation, misunderstand easily arises. I really2 sad when our fandom are divided into 2. Why is this happening?
DBSK is the one that’s responsible in introducing me to KPOP world. One day, if DBSK officially disband, I’ll stop loving KPOP. What I mean officially disband is when all 5 of them told us that they are disband, so, from that moment, I’ll close my eyes for KPOP. But, I really2 hope that moment will never come because I believe 5 of them will return soon.
I love 5 of them equally. DBSK is the only group that I love all of them equally. There is no favorite member or least favorite. They are all my favorite. You are the same with me, right, Cassie?
I believe 5 of them. I believe what’s happening right now, there is a reason for it. We know DBSK so well. They hate to hurt and disappoint Cassiopeia. They always care for us, Cassiopeia. For them, we are their priority.
For all Cassiopeiaout there, please don’t blame any of them. They are not at faults. They just did what they think is the best for them. Both JYJ and HoMin. Honestly, I really hate referring them as JYJ and HoMin because they are our DBSK . Our SuYooJaeMinHo.

DBSK is really special and awesome. Hearing their voices alone can make many people tear up. Their passions in music and singing are indescribable.
Their voices are perfect, their dancing skills are great. Their live performances never fail to amaze us. They are beyond our expectation. Look at their songs. Their songs are really powerful and hard to sing with crazy high notes and low notes and the intense and hard choreography. No one can cover DBSK ’s songs, I guaranteed it.
Mirotic, Survivor, Somebody to Love, Love in the ice, Bolero, Stand By u, Begin, O Jun Ban Hap, Purple Line, Proud etc. Can any other idols cover these songs? The answer is no because they can’t reached DBSK ’s standard.
I don’t know why I wrote this and I don’t know how much tears have I shed while writing this. I just want other Cassiopeia know what I’m feeling right now. I know many of them have lost their faith in DBSK but for me, I’ll never lose the faith.
They told us to keep the faith eternally, so I’ll keep it eternally. I’ll wait for DBSK even until the last moment in my life. That’s howDBSK impact my life. I cried everyday because I miss them so much.
I miss my 5 stars.
I miss my DBSK.
I miss their perfect voices.
I miss their genuine smiles.
I miss their dorkiness.
I miss their bickering.
I miss their loves for each other.
I miss seeing them together on stage as 5.
My five stars, please comeback soon. I’ll always wait for you.
#CopyandPaste- FAA

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